The 101 Trumpet Method   
Building your technique through technically-demanding tunes

A breath of fresh air for the weary trumpet player! Rather than slogging away at technical exercises, we'll build your technique through the playing of well-known tunes: think Procession of the Nobles to help master your fast staccatos. Acciacaturas need polishing? Then Kangaroos from Carnival of the Animals, or Hummel's Indian Rondo will do the job.

Over 50 playing techniques are covered this way, with a handy index to guide you through the helpful tunes.

"On every page, author Matt Kingston shows his passion for the instrument, and in a new and friendly way introduces learning techniques that students at all levels will find enlightening". ALISON BALSOM

Praise form the trumpet pros...

"On every page, in a new and friendly way, the book introduces learning techniques that students at all levels will find enlightening"

ALISON BALSOM - trumpet megastar

"An innovative, thorough and exciting approach to learning. I wish I'd had this book when I was younger"

SIMON DOBSON - composer, conductor & trumpeter

"An excellent tutor book that will be enjoyed by players of all standards"

ALAN MORRISON - cornet soloist, conductor & adjudicator

"I love the interesting and concise explanations. This will serve to educate, and inspire musicianship too"

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